you eat them fast
pick them from the tree directly

that’s best
you eat spit repeat

when your stomach starts to feel uneasy
you keep eating
that’s how you eat cherries

you only stop when you’ve got to go inside
and use the toilet
then you throne on the bed
and flick through the tv channels
while holding the rumbles
with the other hand

your mom she owns a tv
hung on the wall

you flick through
like in the good ol’ days
looking for cartoons
or some show about animal rescues
and find the ambiental channel

water under a bridge
birds chirping
lush meadows

it seems so real you stay with it
feeling really dumbstruckstuck

but you’re excused
cause you just ate real cherries
from a real tree
you climbed up there
on that shaky backyard table
it was all real and handpicked

watching the ambiental channel
you’re watching the ambiental channel

it’s too hot to be outside
or too rainy
it is raining, yes

ambiental channel soothes you
static background gone foreground
your crying concealed
by birds chirping on screen
and the rain outside
your belly aches
but water under the bridge

(can someone come very close to my face
and say why do you cry so much?)